Excellent school is all I can keep repeating about this school. From the dynamic principal to the dedicated teachers to the superb management, I am always marketing DPS, pune as my own school .

The Principal, Mrs Neelam Chakraborty is an amazing lady. The way she handles the school premises, kids and teachers and staff id awesome. I alway strongly believe the leader has to dynamic, the rest will follow on it ‘s own. She seems to be thinking always for the betterment of the school. It’s the best one can expect out of a great school. When a principal stops thinking, s/he stops applying the brains and then follows a stagnation in all school policies. She thinks when others have given up. She will come up with brilliant ideas to handle any situation that others will have to appreciate with a gaping mouth!

Just this saturday, I was called for a PT meet. Obviously there were hundreds of parents driving down to the school. Normally, parking is left to a parent’s discretion. It may seem inconsequential but if it’s handled as beautifully as DPS, one has to sit up and notice it.

When I tried to park in front of the school, I was told the DPS parking for saturday was diverted elsewhere. I took a u turn and was directed inside a lane near the school, which took us to the parking area of Corinthian Club. Wow, early morning when my eyes got a feast of beautiful landscape with roman structures I was thrilled. I have a soft corner for Corinthian club as we had celebrated both our sons’ first birthday parties there, with the entire office and friends. On the way I had asked a driver who was showing the way in, if we have to walk down all the way to the school ! He had smiled and nodded his head. After parking my car I was again escorted by another driver who took me to the bus which was ready to leave for the school. Once done with my meeting, I was again politely escorted to the waiting bus which took me back to the club! Isn’t that a well thought out and planned handling ? I must credit the colonel also who is very efficiently managing the school administration.

Once in the school, there was this beautiful display of books from Scholastic Books. I selected books worth Rs 4000/- but was disappointed that they did not take credit card. But again, the school came to my rescue. They book store agreed to drop these books to my home the same evening. They were willing to accept a cheque. πŸ™‚ Once done with my shopping I went to meet the Nursery D class teacher.

The class teacher of Nursery Ms Mehak was looking as fresh and pretty as a morning glory. I love people who are always smiling. I dunno how many are aware of the scientific correlation between a smiling face and a fruitful positive day ahead! The smile makes our brain be relaxed and stress free. And obviously when the brain is happy, the process of thinking and decision making is also flawless. So that ensures a beautiful positive day ahead.

I was 30 min early (for a change), yet she was sweet and met me. We talked about my son’s progress. I am a very cool mom, so I don not bother teachers with useless queries about my son or compare or even ask what is his position in the class. I believe that if there is something that’s not going as per the teacher’s expectation, she will tell me. Teachers in Kider Brook used to tell me, that I am the coolest mom they have met. But they also know that in times of stepping in I will preempt and take the much needed action before any one asked me. She also mentioned how the school was taking extra steps and getting ready for the winter wave of Swine Flu. I had to tell her, that, my son follows her instructions and if not told, he will not be ready to do his homework. πŸ˜›

I must tell you that Mehak Mam’ has been quite concerned for my son, when I had decided to not send him for two months due to swine flu situation and a careless mom continued sending her sick child in the same school bus. She would call up every fortnight and enquire as to when he would be joining back and give me all the worksheets. Now that’s what I call a caring and sensitive teacher! I have no idea how many teachers make any effort to call up a child’s parent to enquire about his well being. I must mention that even my older son’s teacher Mrs Rege in ST Mary’s Boys, has been very sweet and caring to enquire about his health when he could not give his last two papers of half yearly. I think such small actions makes us parent feel that our kids our in the safe and loving hands.

A few parents have asked me about DPS school being strict. Well, all schools have to be strict, if the kids have to be disciplined. Teaching two kids is such a tough task at home, and we parents do not think twice if we have to be strict. I do not believe in sparing the rod, I would rather use it as there are times when it’s the only thing that may make sense. So when it comes to a school being strict, I am perfectly fine with a strict teacher in DPS or in any school. There was a rumor that a teacher in DPS had used a stick on a child. Let me take this forum to rubbish it right away!. I know the kid, the parents and the whole incident that was blown out of proportion and it does not deserve any more space than this much. Period.

The latest I know of other details of the DPS admission is as follows:

Online forms – 9th – 18th Nov. Rs 500/- + Rs 700/-
Submission of the form – latest by 2:00 pm 18th Nov 2009.
An attested birth certificate of the child is must while submission of the admission form.
The age criteria is very crucial and last year a friend’s son who was younger by 10 days was not allowed submission of the form.
The form submission takes half the day so be prepared with food. Since the whole process is first come first serve basis, kindly make sure you be there early.
Admission fee Rs 57500/- ( only Rs 5000/- refundable) and Rs 2900/- monthly fee which will be paid through ECS.
Buses ply even till Aundh. For far off places, school bus is must.



DPS MANAGEMENT is Excellent !!!

DPS PUNE SCHOOL, A Benchmark !!!!!!

Yippy my son got through ST MARY’S SCHOOL Pune, India !

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  • awali

    hi madhurie
    YIIIIPPPPPPPEEEEEE n CELEBRATIONS. My son got selected in DPS Pune. That day was very tense actually. I couldnot sleep after 1 am in the morning. Our meeting time was 8.30 and we reached there in time. There were many parents waiting for their turn to come. We got our turn around 9-30. When we were waiting outside Principals room, my son started putting his fingers in his nose/mouth which other wise he never does. I told him politely that you do this once you are out of this room. We had actually practiced this interview session many times (hundreds of time) at home. This day we told hi that we will give him toffees and chocholates if he answers all the teachers question specially the good morning. He went inside. We were pleased to see Mrs Neelam Chakaraborty (very beautiful with her Kajal laden eyes)and of course Col Sinha (COO if DPS).They were impressed with my husbands qualification and the company in which he was working. I had kept my fingers crossed. He then took my name (Dr —-). and then asked me about my subject. Then they asked if I was working and where do I work. Principal was really impressed with our CV. They asked if they give admission to our son where will he go after his school as both of us are working. We convinced them that his day care has got that facility. My husband was in between giving his ears to my son . He (my son) had wished the teachers Good Morning and he was answering properly. It was around 7-8 min session. In the end, principal said I want to see your sons face. My son boldly showed his face and then she asked him to smile. and thankfully my son exposed all his teeth.
    So this was the end. We then logged onto DPS website and thanked God for his selection.
    School people generally ask fruits/vegetables/colors. I want to tell every parent just to prepare their child (joyfully)ahead of 7-8 months so that that interview session is not new to the child. And he would have that idea before hand. All the best to every parent seeking admission.

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  • manish_chauhan

    Nice review, again πŸ™‚

    However, I have faced a bit strange behavior. Neither they are responding to my queries on email nor are they picking up the phone.

    I had a few queries may be you can answer them.

    1.I found an online Admission form on their site. Is it admissible if I take a colored print out and submit along 1200 bucks ?

    2. Are they open or Saturdays for form collection and submission ?

    Please let me know, if you have any idea


    • Madhurie Singh

      Hi Manish, if you understand their plight you will find nothing is wrong with the communication at DPS. They have have hundreds of parents at the reception and I sure hundreds of queries on mail. Plus I came to know that they are also having their annual day for each class separately to dodge swine flu :).

      1. Yes you are actually expected to download and print the application form and while submission pay the Rs 1200/-

      2. They will be accepting till 18th Nov including saturdays but timing I am not too sure. Could be upto 2:00pm (usual office time). Try to submit a few days before 18th nov, as the last two days are too crowded.

      tk care

      • manish_chauhan

        Thanks Madhurie. Looks like the issue is same.

        One more thing I noticed that in the online form (and even in the info for parents.pdf) that there is no mention about the health certificate from the doctor.

        Is it required or they would require it later?


        • gunjansahay


          apart from the photocopy of the birth certificate from a municipal body alongwith the original, nothing else is required. 2 colored photographs of child and 1 each of father-mother is required.

          i registered my son at dps for nursery on 10th nov 09.

          – Gunjan Sahay

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