How to test purity of Milk at home- Chitale, Amul Failed !

I am disgusted 🙁 !

I feel guilty and wish I had listened to my elder son’s plea that he did not like the taste of the milk. I would coax him with all kinds of stories. But even though he has stopped drinking milk since last one and half years now, my younger son loves to drink only milk !

I wish I had done this simple test easlier which I do now, then all my guilt would have gone.

I wanted to make paneer out of the excess milk I had at home. It was Amul toned milk. This is 4 days back story!
I first added half lemon juice, but there was no change in the milk. Then added one tablespoon of lemoneez. Still nothing happened. Another two table spoon of lemoneez and the milk refused to curdle!

I was very shocked. I called my husband from another room. Discussed with him and that took around 5 more minutes. When we reached back to the kitchen, the milk had changed its consistency only where lemoneez was added. It looked like a rubbery white lump. So I mixed the whole thing in the milk with a spoon and gave a vigourous stir. And guess what, there was no change in the rest of the milk!

Next I tried the same testing with Chitale milk. That too refused to curdle back !

The last brand I tested was Katraj. Thankfully, the milk started to curdle the moment I added just half a lemon. 🙂

I now know why the ghee that I made out of all the stored malai looks, smells and tastes like dalda !
Dalda is vanaspati ghee. Thankfully Vanaspati was made of plants, mostly from palm oil which was hydrogenated.

But can milk too be make out of plant ? Or are the chemicals used to make the fake milk made of plant extracts? This seems quite likely. I really have no clue of source of the chemicals but I do know one thing for sure.

I will have to continue my quick home test every day for as little as one cup of milk with lemon, to assure myself if I am giving pure milk to my kids. The tiny amount of paneer I make out of this testing process goes immediately in any daal, gravy or dough for the day. So I know I am safe as long as I do the test.

I wish anyone  reading this page, tries it randomly if not everyday, to drink pure milk and not the poisioned, adultrated milk.

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  • Great tip,thanks for sharing!,check out home remedies at live a little longer-

  • Thanks for great share… I was looking something like this simple…

  • Great share. Nice informative. Just want to share some thoughts on the adulteration in milk. There are brands like Pride of cows that deliver milk within hours of milking the cow. These are brands that are trying to eradicate milk adulteration from India. Rather than testing adulterated milk every day, it is better to just switch brands and drink milk without any worry.

  • Govt standards make 65% of real mink rest is added water…if you drink milk directly from the cow/buffalo you will realize that best of best milk (branded) as well as the one milkman delivers at doorstep is very watery!

  • BTW do you know how milk is processed after all milkman add their share of fresh milk in a ctank? there is a process where fat is 'separated' from the milk by means of boiling the whole lot…then added back to the milk in government prescribed standards… so for every 1 ltr of bag there is a fixed amount of fat (cream)

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