How to apply for school transfer certificate, TC ?

sample TC

I had to apply for my sons transfer certificates from their previous schools to get their admission done in new school.

At St Mary’s and DPS Pune, I had not much trouble as they have a Transfer Certificate form which is to be filled.

This form has only details like where are you moving, why are you moving from the current school etc. The application letter may be something like this:

2. Copy of the last fee receipt Normally it takes 15 to 30 days for the schools to verify any outstanding.

If there is any outstanding amount, you will be called to clear it off. Else they return the check for security deposit and hand over the TC.


The Prinicipal,

Name of the school,





Your full name




Subject: ( Application for Transfer Certificate for Name of the Child of class 3)

Dear Madam/ Sir,

I am applying for the Transfer Certificate for my child, XYX, studying in class UKg, section B at Best Indian School, Aundh.

(Reason for seeking TC)

for example As my husband has been posted to New Delhi by his company, we will be shifting to New Delhi by the end of this month.

or  As we were unable to get admission for my second child in the same school, we have to move Ram from Best Indian School to Super Indian School.

We appreciate the education that my child has received from the BestIndian School under your enriching guidance.

I would also thank Mrs XYZ for being the most cheerful kindergarten teacher. My child will miss her dearly.

If there is anything for which the school management needs to contact me, kindly do so on this mobile number 89p888990333.

My new postal address is : Address My old postal address will be active until this month.

Kindly send all further communications at the new address only.

with best regards,


Date: 12/ Jun/ 2010


1. Transfer Certificate form duly filled

2. Copy of the last fee receipt

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