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PediaSure health drink supplement is not for every one!!

Ok yes its been a very very long overdue review of PediaSure, health drink, manufactured by Abbot Healthcare Pvt Ltd.

If you are a regular reader you would have read the series of health related changes I have been making very consciously for the future of my kids and my  family as a whole.

Read my article on Best health drink here where I have compared Complan, Bournvita, Horlicks, Boost. Click here to read , it has won me Best Consumer Awareness Article Award.

And my article on Comparison on Protinex and Complan Click here to read.

And am I happy to share with you that last one year has been a nearly nil cough, cold, tummy upset and all petty immunity related diseases free.

So my shift to organic vegetables, organic grains, no plastic ware, no microwave, more of natural dry fruits and toughness with kids to eat what is served has paid off. Let me see how long we stick to it ;), cuz its easier to start a new act but to convert it into a mature habit is the real call.

A few changes I need to experiment with are trying out ozone purifier, yoga for kids, more home made soups every day to boost immunity, bathing with cold water (brrrr) slowly one day!

But for today Pediasure is what you get to read about.

Since I had started giving chocolate with milk and almonds everyday, I had stopped these health drinks supplements altogether. But saw this drink and wanted to give it a try.


Pediasure is a tasty powder with very very fine grains which are more like horlicks type and similar tasting. Its pretty annoying to mix the powder in milk especially when in a hurry early mornings. You need to take little milk and mix the scoops by pressing the powder against the cup. But not as bad as horlicks which would not be mixed 100%. I loved the taste as malt is my favorite taste.

My sons’ verdict, its best tasting drink till date ! :)


While reading the ingredients I came across a line which said, NOT for Intravenous use. I laughed off loudly, imagining an upside down jar of pediasure being given in the veins of a poor baby with highly hopefull parents standing by!

Well after reading the ingredient, I was quiet put off and wanted to curse my own self for not looking into the lable before hand in the mall.

The drink seems to be meant for medically pronounced malnutritioned child who are sadly not able to digest milk or wheat !

To begin with it is not meant to be mixed in milk! SO it is not a milk taste enhancer which you may buy to make your child drink milk. It is supposed to be mixed with water. Where on earth is the time to give milk and then this water based drink into those tiny tummies.

I guess like it says its best for those kids who are lactose intolerant, which means they cannot digest cow milk or cow milk products.

It also says its gluten free, so again its meant for those kids who cannot tolerate wheat based food items.

My kids love to eat poori, roti and parathas and pizzas and pastas and noodles which is full of gluten!

Now we are concerned about giving protein in any form and not adding something into milk which is lacking protein, so why would we give a supplement which has no source of protein! So I read on…

List of ingredients which I am trying very hard to stay away from but found in Pediasure :

  • Corn Starch : Why would you give starch to your child that too in in powder form when there are already huge amount of starch in our daily diet?
  • Sugar : My kids now are learning to take milk with very low sweetness with great difficulty, so this addon is unnecessary.
  • Sodium Caseinate : This is an ingredient which is a substitue for milk protein and gluten protein. So to remind you again, incase your child is not able to digest milk or wheat products only then this drink is worth. Casein is otherwise found naturally in cow and human milk. It forms lumps in the stomach which is slowly digested to give energy and protein. That is why its found in most bodybuilding drinks as it give the feeling of fullnes and sustained energy. But is it harmful. No, its not harmful to drink casien if its the only source of protein. Let me scare you. There is a report which says overdose of casein causes the cancer cells to grow. Damn, I just ordered organic paneer, so will have to hold on to Pediasure till paneer is over.
  • Soy oil :  Again this is meant to provide protein to those who are milk and wheat intolerant not for those who can happily digest milk, cheese, panner, puri and paranthas.
  • Mineral : All essential minerals we need are readily found in vegetables and fruits provided we eat a variety of them every month. (You need not eat all of the variety in a single day, even if you eat once a month is enough for your body as the body needs them in traces or tiny amounts only. The excess is out into the drain for the bacterias :), no wonder we have healthy bacterias and fungi.).
    • calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium, iron, phosphorus, zinc, copper, iodine, selenium, chromium, molybdenum
    • All these are present in vegetables, fruits, beans, dry fruits and grains. So an overdose is unnecessary.
  • Vitamins : A-K All these are present too in this drink. So it is definitely good vitamin supplement.



Costing wise its an expensive jar, costing Rs 459/- for a 400gm pack! So easily, you can calculate 1 tsp in this case 10gm is worth Rs 11.50- as the scoop is always a big heap. The pack suggests 5 scoops in water which is Rs 57.50 per glass !!!

Now we will not add in water as we are the moms who feel guilty giving anything mixed in water other than medicines. SO we will add the scoops in milk. Which is an additional Rs 10/-. So a glass of drink is worth Rs 67.5/- !!!! Atrocious. You can give them almonds, exotic fruits of their choice and fortified milk and still be not close to this figure. Now you want to give it twice as once the kids taste it, you have no choice, the cost is Rs 135/- approximately every day. Monthly it would be 4000/- :)!!!! just for the drinks.


It is mentioned very clearly that it can be given to kids 2 years and above only. So don’t even think supplementing mother’s milk with this for kids below 2 years. Unless prescribed by the doctors.

My verdict:

I thinks this drink is for

  1. kids who are not able to digest milk.
  2. kids who are not able to digest wheat, barley and ragi etc.
  3. kids who are not eating even a single meal fully or as they advertise for PICKY Eaters only!
  4. kids who are probably trying to recover from diseases.
  5. kids who throw up or vomit very frequently.

I think this drink is NOT Meant for

  1.  not meant for kids who are easily drinking milk twice a day or even once.
  2.  not meant for kids who are eating roti, bread, puri, parantha, pasta or noodles.
  3. not meant for kids who finish off their breakfast, lunch, snacks or dinner with a little bit of coaxing.
  4. not meant to be a taste and protein enhancer for generally healthy kids.

So lets not waste money on this drink supplement as it seems to be best when prescribed by the doctors for special conditions.

I think its unfair to even have this product in the malls. It is something which should be sold only through the chemists. It can an OTC product but in a medical shop only.

There is a danger that many parents will just buy this drink watching TV or reading the reviews on blogs written by ignorant and paid reviewers. The danger lies in over dose of many of the minerals when this supplement is given along with a good diet. Though the chances are rare as our fantastic body really has amazing mechanism to filter out hundreds of overdosed minerals, vitamins. So why waste money over this false hope unless seriously prescribed by the doctors. Also do not hesitate to question your doctor as to what is the need for any supplement.

Now you know it rings the bell as they really mean to sell it through the pediatricians as the number 1 supplement prescribed by the pediatricians, because they are the once who can check and tell if it is required for your baby or not ! So make sure you take an advice from your pediatrician before you switch on to PediaSure.

Do spread the post, to other moms who would want to know more about it.

Do read the last reference which I happen to land on.



Source wikipedia :

  1. Worldwide, gluten is a source of protein, both in foods prepared directly from sources containing it, and as an additive to foods otherwise low in protein.


70 comments to PediaSure health drink supplement is not for every one!!

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  • Felicia

    My son is 13 months old. The pediatrician ordered for him to be put strictly on pediasure until he has a swallow study done because they believe his food he is eating is going into his lungs. He woke up this morning screaming and crying and as soon as I picked him up he started vomiting a thick white substance. I do not know what could be wrong any ideas???????????

    • Madhurie Singh

      Dear DarkPrincess, I am sure you have a beautiful name and better than Felicia. I really appreciate real people with real names. :) I am not a registered medical practitioner. So I am not qualified to answer this question Why din’t you ask this to your doctor. Do it asap.

  • vibhuti was a wonderful reveiw.. but i m still left confused.. my twins(both fussy eaters) just refuse everything i of them is just against trying new things..their height n weight is beliw normal..but my paed refused to any health supplements.. she said its just a phase..try new recipes. but i tried almost everything.. then lured to pediasure.. gave it twice then saw your review.. but still confused…what to do with my kids

  • Gaurav

    Hello Madhurie

    Hope you are doing good!!. I have very silly question to ask. I am not sure if you are the right person to contact for this. I had the first hair cut(Mundan) of my daughter in Oct 2013. Her growth of hair is little slow from her birth. Now we have heard that if we get her hair cut once again then she will have a good hair with growth.

    Can you please give your valuable suggestion.

    Thank you



  • Chiro Basu DG

    i have been giving my child Pediasure since the time she has turned two, and i am extremely happy with the product. She is a healthy baby and has a good weight and height. She is also a regular eater of roti, paratha, bread etc. It is definitely not meant for any specific category of children and can be consumed by all.

    • Madhurie Singh

      Dear Chiro, I am glad your daughter is a happy and healthy baby. The fact that she is eating everything proves she is actually excreting the expensive Pediasure :) out of her body as she really does not need anything artificial. Most of the times it is the parents feel good factor that keeps them from logically realizing the need of any supplement.

  • Gaurav Bhatia

    Hello Madhurie, i need your another advise that for ex. my daughter is going to sleep at 11:00 pm then she get up around 09:00 am next day however she wakes up 1-2 time in night for 5-10 mins and again goes for sleep. Her sleeping total time is around 9 hours. Is that normal or not?

    Thank you

  • Hi Madhurie,

    My son is close to 3 years now. He likes Pediasure very much directly instead of mixing it in water. He takes a tumbler and put 1 spoon and starts eating it. Is it ok to have it directly?

    • Madhurie Singh

      Hi Raghu, I would not encourage it at all. Any supplement does have good and bad effect when overdone. But if he is otherwise not a fussy eater, then it can be ok to have a tablespoon of pediasure but make it conditional. Tell him he can eat provided he has done his homework or anything that he is fussy about.

  • Gaurav Bhatia

    Hello Madhurie, Thank you for your advise. We are trying to give her cow’s milk. But i think it might take some time for her to like the taste. My wife is trying hard not to give her breast feed. You wanted to know the doctor name and city. So city is gurgaon and doctor is Dr. kaberi

    • Madhurie Singh

      Hi Gaurav, Just stop feeding her breast milk now! She will cry for just 1-2 days and trust me you will see a magical acceptance to cow’s milk. Just be little tough.

  • Gaurav

    Hello Madhurie, This info is really helpful. My daughter is 2+ and still takes mother feed. Touchwood she can have food like chappati, puri, upma, dry fruits and seasonal fruits. One day she was not well so we took her to docter. She advised to give her PediaSure. But we personally dont want to give her anything which i unnatural. Can you advise us please, what can we do so that she can start having milk. Is these Bourvita or Complain are safe or not.

    Thank you


    • Madhurie Singh

      Hi Gaurav, kindly ask your wife to stop feeding your daughter asap! Maximum breast feed should be only up to 10-12 months. 2 years! is way too long and now your daughter is sucking calcium and fat out of her mom’s body that will show its effect in the old age. All moms must breastfeed only upto one year. Else their bones will grow weak and body pain, arthritis and brittle bones will cause problems in the old age of your wife. This is also the reason for your daughter to not get enough calcium and nutrition as she has to now depend only of outside food. She need not take pediasure if she is eating all that you mentioned. Kindly mention the name of the doctor and the city too.

  • Stop milk and feed solids else your child will suffer from malnutrition. And due to dependence on Pediasure, his body will stop using natural minerals and vitamins. Milk can be only 2 times . Kids are lazy and smart. Little tantrum and they force parents to take their way.

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