Admissions to Playgroup / nursery schools will not happen in Nov-Dec-Jan in Pune

Admissions to playgroups or nursery schools will not happen in November and December anymore.

Mahavir Mane, director of primary education, will soon be directing all schools to complete the admission process only a month before the beginning of the academic year.

All admissions done before that will be considered illegal, he has stated. Schools will also have to admit 25 per cent students from the deprived and weaker sections as per the central process, he said. Educational institutions in urban and semi-urban areas of the State generally advertise for admissions to playgroups and the nursery sections in November or December.

This process is normally completed by mid-December and parents have to purchase admission forms after waiting in long queues till late in the night.

The prospectus, sold along with the admission form, costs between Rs 300 to Rs 1,000. The education department has decided to save all parents from this kind of harassment.

According to Mane, “Admission process from first standard onward are completed in May. The rule also applies to pre-school courses. Hence, no schools will be allowed to conduct admissions in November or December.

A notification will soon be issued in this regard to inform all education officers so that educational institutes will not be able to conduct admissions in November or December anymore. This information will reach all schools within a week.”

Schedules to be decided  by Govt  “Schools should admit students to pre-primary sections only during April- May.

To bring about a conformity in this process, the education department will also finalize the schedule which will be informed to schools.

Efforts are being made to conduct online admission process for kindergarten and first standard.

A software has been prepared for this. 🙂

The process has a provision for parents to give priority to schools of their choice. This will allow parents to ensure admissions from home.”

Source : Sakal

Times of India 



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