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Feedback page for Billabong High School, Nagar Road, Pune

Kindly write your views and feedback about Billabong High school, Pune as a comment here.

Best Schools in Pune for extra curricular activities

Like all cities Pune too have hundreds of schools.

Not all schools are good, bad or ugly.

A lot of parents have now started to focus on the presence of extra curricular activities in schools during the school hours for their children to really have great exposure.

To my knowledge there are many schools in […]

Best Schools in Pune where English Medium Means ENGLISH

In India there are 4 types of English medium schools.

The first one where there is a big board hanging outside the school with the word “English” written along with the name of the school. The English starts and ends there! Most of the PMC runs schools and Gov. aided schools fall under this category.


Findings of Survey at Indian English medium schools

Findings of Survey at Indian English medium schools

Read about English Medium Schools in India. – 75% National English Proficiency for 2013- l 53.62% national average for reading skill

– 80% proficiency in vocabulary

– 87% students in band C (proficient users) & B (independent users) showing they fare better than their peers in […]

Transport affairs in Pune Schools needs attention

Submitted on 2013/11/12 at 7:35 pm

I need to tell you 1 thing about Mount St. Patrick that the transport facility is optional, but the admin of the school who has his own fleet of buses make sure that everyone who gets admission falls in the bus route. Also, it seems the admin is […]

DAV, CBSE School Pune

This was posted as a comment but deserves to be a post.

This information is unverified by me yet (Madhurie Singh)

I really appreciate Kavyani Pillai’s effort to take out time to write her views about DAV school.

Kavyani Pillai

This is a review of the admission process and the problems about it.DAV is a […]

Table to help Rank the best school for your child

This is the table that made when I was searching for the best possible school for my own children. The factors that are most important to me are mentioned on the first column.

Under the “Factors column”, you have to write down all the factors that you look for in any school. Write the most […]

My 3rd Webinar on Pune School Admission on 20th Nov 13

I am really loving the webinar on Pune School Admission. No need to stand for 4 hours, no need to book halls, chairs and projectors, No need to travel to the venue. And the best part, no need to dress up.

Just finish the dinner, put the kids to bed and get ready with the […]

Which is the best playschool in Pune

Which is best playschool franchise ?